Most of us would agree that painting is a quick and easy way to refresh or update your home. From painting a child’s room to changing the color of your exterior finish, painting is one home improvement strategy that’s both cost-effective and produces immediate results.

Check out the Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Paint Your House INSIDE & OUT:

  1. Increases Real Estate Value of Your Home. Painting both the interior and exterior walls, trim and other home surfaces will increase the overall real estate value of your home. This helps in the evaluation of your assets, and can also help with resale.

  2. Enhances Curb Appeal. Painting exterior walls, trim and other surfaces on the exterior of your home will increase curb appeal.

  3. Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality. Painting interior walls, trim and other surfaces inside your home with quality, low VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes (the only kind Walls Alive Painting will use in your home) will reduce odors and fumes, and promote healthy, indoor air quality for you and your family.

  4. Keeps Dust, Dirt to a Minimum. Particularly in homes with plaster walls, keeping your interior walls, trim and other surfaces painted can keep dust and dirt at bay. Paint keeps plaster in check and dust to a minimum. For old homes or tough interior surfaces, make sure you use high-quality paint, like Benjamin Moore or Kelly Moore.

  5. Hides Permanent Marks & Stains. Painting both interior and exterior walls, trim and other home surfaces will help the homeowner cover permanent marks or stains that have proven difficult to remove.

  6. Protects Exterior Surfaces for longer durability. Painting exterior walls and trim will help the homeowner protect the home from inclement weather, particularly the sun, ice and snow.

  7. Protects Interior Surfaces. Painting both interior and trim, as well as other home surfaces like doors and built-ins will help these areas hold up under the normal wear and tear of family life. Paint will also protect walls from the damaging effects of water.

  8. The Most Inexpensive Remodel. Does your home need a new look? In this economy, homeowners are finding out there’s nothing quite like painting to refresh your home and living environment, and it comes in at a fraction of the cost of a remodel. A gallon of paint will run $15 to $50 per gallon. For quality paint, expect to pay more. If hiring a professional painter, expect to pay from $300 per room, and $1500 to $6000 for 1500 square feet, depending upon the quality of the paint, the preparation needed, any special requirements and the kind of painting treatments you want for your home.

  9. Improve The Health Of Your Family's Environment. Using quality, low VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes will literally improve the air you breathe. You spend more time in your home than anywhere else, making healthy choices matters.

  10. Positive Energy and Improved Homeowner Outlook. Amazing as it seems, sometimes changing the interior and exterior colors of your home can also change your outlook on your home and living environment. Light or white paint makes small rooms and spaces appear bigger. Bright colors can make a family or playroom fun and vibrant. Pastels can make a bedroom cozy and serene. And bedroom room makeovers can make a teen feel like they're growing up.