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Glossy Paint: (High-gloss, Gloss & Semi-gloss)

Glossy finishes are much more stain-resistant than satin and flat. Gloss is also very easy to wipe down and wash, while low-gloss paints take a little more effort to clean. This makes higher-gloss paints very useful in kitchens, bathrooms and some dining rooms. They also make for striking entrances, such as front doors.

Gloss paints are used to provide a high shine finish to interior or exterior surfaces. There are various types for different applications, including quick single coat options. Most can be used on all common surfaces, and as a decorative trim or door paint. Preparation of the surface to be painted with gloss is important, with most needing rubbing down to aid application and achieve better results. It often requires 24 hours for the gloss to harden, however, faster drying options are also available.